This is some of the photos sent to me by my customers showing what they did with the       
plants they ordered from North Hills Nursery.

Please feel free to send in your photos of sempervivum plantings for publication here.
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This is a photo submitted by Kathleen Guagliano showing sempervivum ordered from
my website. You can see more of KatG's photos at  

Customer Photos.
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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Pat and John thanks for the high quality Semps.  They are gorgeous and the quality
is outstanding.  Shipping unbelievable, roots out of ground only two days.

Two years ago when we sold our 5 acres in the Country we  thought that we had seen
the last of the pleasures that “Hen & Chicks”bring, never to enjoy them again.  We
moved to a five story condo on the bank of the Tennessee River, with only a small

After two years of planting and replanting annuals, last week I had an idea, let’s try
Semps one more time.  Over the years we had collected around 50  or more different
plants from various web sites and from local growers.  We missed the pleasure of
caring for them and watching them multiply.

Thanks again for the great plants and service.  See Pic’s below and what I have
done  with yours, now my “Hen & Chicks”

The next four photos below are close-up shots from Den Tucker's Garden in San
Francisco, California. Plants were purchased  in 2009. Just below that is Den's Buda
planted in September 1010. She will send follow-up pictures as it grows.
Below, three photos are my borthers hedgehog. Used to be a boot cleaner.
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We specialize in Sempervivum (hen and
chicks). sedum, sempervivum
collections, dish gardens, and hypertufa
(artifical rock planters).
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